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Conscious Breath Work and Hands On Body Work for a Direct Experience of Your Self.

The following is used as integral to my practice as a Body Psychotherapist.
I also offer stand-alone sessions and group work (see below).


Types of Body Work. amanaepic1

Conscious Breath Work and Energetic Body Work

I work collaboratively to facilitate your enquiry about your relationship with your Self, however you are experiencing this at this moment; through your senses, your body, your mind, your emotional states, your spiritual connection, your energetic self. The following questions might help you:

Is your heart involved in this relationship with different aspects of you?
Do you feel that you know yourself on the inside?
Do you feel comfortable lying down, standing up, listening to your breathing and feeling your breathing?
Do you feel that your energy is low or vital?
Is your body experienced as tense, tight, heavy, light, soft, open, closed, vibrant, dull?
Is your heart experienced by you as tender, open, cold, closed, fearful, in pain?
Do you feel connected to your body, to yourself, or distant, removed from yourself and your body?
Have you rejected parts of yourself or are you understanding and welcoming of your self states and emotions?
Do your relationships with others flow easily, and nurture you?
Is there pain when you think about, or relate to, people in your family of origin?
Can you sit with yourself with what arises, in yourself or in your relationships?
Are your emotions welcome within you? : fear, grief, anxiety, depression, hatred, anger, judgement, joy, love, excitement etc.
Is any trauma in you quiet, or does your relationship to that drive how you are and how you relate to others?

Deepening our experience of all aspects of ourselves brings greater freedom and a confidence that we can be with ourselves whatever arises. We then can become less fearful and develop a sense of inner freedom, deeper joy and love for ourselves, and as a result a greater openness and love towards others and the earth.

Influences on this way of working:

Biodynamic Massage

Developed by Gerda Boyesen in the 1960s this type of massage works with an understanding of the whole system of a person, paying particular attention to the nervous system and how this communicates through the belly. It invites a softening of muscular armour and can enable emotional and psychological release as well as greater spontaneous flow in the whole body and system.

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Upledger CranioSacral Therapy

I hold the certificate to practice the material from the first two modules of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy.

For more information please see


Bioenergetics was an integral aspect of my Body Psychotherapy Training.

It works with a person fully clothed, exploring movement, postures and breathing techniques to invite the body's memory of held emotion and an expression of this.

Developed by Alexander Lowen in the 1970s.

Amanae Breath work

I am an Amanae Practitioner.

This work involves the client lying on the massage table, working consciously with the breath and energetic doorways in the body.
Release of held emotion is common, as well as a deepening of the person's sense of connection with themselves and their heart.

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