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Fees and Contracts

Body Psychotherapy:
I offer an initial one-hour assessment which costs £65. 

In the assessment we will discuss what you are looking for, and whether both of us think we can work together. We will also decide the possible time-frame of the work - short-term, long-term or on-going - and we will discuss an appropriate session fee, usually between £65 - £95.

Regular sessions are one hour in length.



Stand-alone BodyWork and BreathWork sessions:

The initial assessment for this is 60 minutes and may involve some direct work with your body and breath. Ongoing sessions will then be 90 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on your preference. After the initial assessment we will work with a frequency of sessions that seems appropriate to you. It's usually a good idea to have 3 sessions fairly close together and then listen to what you need.

Fees are usually as follows:
60 Minute Assessment : £65
90 minute sessions: £90.

Payments for all assessments and sessions must be made prior to the appointment, unless paying by cash, when payment can be made at the start of the session.

Data Protection

Data Protection
As a Body Psychotherapist I am registered and accredited by UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).
As I adhere to the general Data Protection Regulation I need to inform you what data I will collect from you and what I will do with it:

Personal Information:
Name, address, email address, telephone numbers, date of birth.
GP details, emergency contact details
Any details you offer on your initial registration form regarding past and present health - physical, emotional and psychological.

Use of Information.
This will be kept in order for me to provide a professional and effective body psychotherapy service. I may need to contact you regarding sessions or to send you invoices or receipts.
I will keep a record of your attendance of sessions and I may keep a short, factual record of some or all of our sessions,

Sharing of your Data
I might share data if required by law, or if ordered to by a court, or if you tell me about risk of serious harm to yourself or someone else
In line with the requirements of UKCP I have regular clinical supervision where I talk about my work in both general and specific terms, but would only ever use the first name of any client work.
All payments are recorded in my accounts using your initials (or in the case of bank transfers, whatever reference name you have provided), and these might be shared with HMRC if I am audited.
If an external Counselling Service refers you, then factual notes and attendance details will likely be requested of me by them, depending on their requirements

Storage and Disposal of Data
Some of my records are in paper form and some in electronic form.
Paper records are stored in a secure locked cabinet and are destroyed after 7 years.
My financial, email , and mobile phone systems are all electronic and are password protected.
I will delete mobile phone data relating to you one month after ending our work together.
Data on the email and computer system will be kept for 7 years and then deleted.

Access to, or change of, your Data
You can make a subject access request in respect of your personal information held by me by making a request in writing. Once I receive the written request I will respond within 14 days. If you were referred by a Counselling Organisation such as Dover Counselling Service, you should address the request directly to them.
If during sessions information is provided by more than one individual (eg couples therapy) I will only release information if consent has been given by both individuals concerned.
You may also request that inaccurate data is amended.

If you have any concerns about how I have handled your data, and you wish to make a complaint, you can address this to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO):,uk/concerns


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