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With a colleague I run a regular meditation group, workshops for mixed groups and a series of trainings.

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We hold a deeply nourishing space for you to connect consciously with your breath and the vibration of your sound. Sound vibration from humming is very powerful and offers an invitation to get to know your self more directly and deeply, as well as to feel the quality of the flow in your system.

This can be challenging at times, but consciously learning to sit/be with all aspects of ourselves is a muscle that can be toned through practice. This meditation offers a space to deeply witness your sensations, breath, mind and the emotion that can sometimes arise. 

As it is in a group, there is also the opportunity to explore how our vibration can impact others and how we can be impacted; what we can sit with and what we find diffiult.



There are a series of conscious heart breathwork workshops throughout the year.

Groups are small and offer the opportunity for deep growth within a shared, confidential space.



TRAININGS in Conscious Breathwork for the Heart

These trainings offer a blend of Conscious Beathwork, Psychotherapeutic, Gestalt and Biodynamic Principles, and Embodied Trauma Work.

* Foundation Training involves 6 full days spread over a few months.

*  Level 1 & 2 Training is a series of five 3-day modules spread throughout the year.









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